About Mr Speaker

You've stumbled over the About page! Probably an accident, but none the less. Welcome to my library of ramblings about the internet and selected parts of the non-internet. My my, this ol' site has been ticking over for a good many years now, so I'm glad you could come in and have a look.

I did my time in the corporate world as a Systems Analyst - but I've decided life it too short to spend it writing CRMs and now make awesome mobile apps and mobile web apps in Paris: spending my days more and more on the front-end (not design, mind you... I still can't colour in the lines and I'm using photoshop!) - JavaScript, jQuery, anything on the client-side. That's my favourite side. Unless it's with Node, then I'm fine with both.

Also, I like making electronic noises that sometimes resemble music.

Feel free to send me some mail at mrspeaker@gmail.com or say hi on twitter. Otherwise, get clicky on the site and see if you can find something that takes your fancy: