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jQuery meeting – the man behind the dollar sign

John Resig. And a beer.Right-o Sydney jQuery cats: here it is! One night only! Saturday afternoon/evening drinks with the one-and-only... John Resig! He's probably tired from his many flights and Web Stock obligations, so here is our chance to trick him into staying in Australia for good. I'm in the process of setting up a meetup on the jQuery meetup site (Join the Sydney group, and I'll update the meetup details) but for now, here's the details:

Where: Hotel Sweeneys (more on that below)
Where?: Near Town Hall
When: Saturday 19th of February (this Saturday)
When?: From about 5pm.

Ping me an email - or on twitter @mrspeaker if you're going to come, so we can get a feel for numbers.

So, what's this Sweeney's place? It's 3 levels of dodgy dodgy pub, topped with one level of pretty cool rooftop bar, complete with astroturf. The dodgy dodgy pub keeps its popularity at bay! more details.

So, who's this John Resig fellow? He seems harmless enough. Just be careful.

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