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While I'm on the subject of noticing nice UX touches, here's a nice UX touch I noticed in Gmail. Well, first I noticed a really really really weird advertisement in a chemist in Paris, and took a photo of it on my phone. This was the image:

There are a couple of things to note: firstly, there appears to be laser beams shooting into or out of that small child's forehead. Secondly, the image is incorrectly rotated - as I snapped it in landscape mode.

Now, a baby being lasered in the head/shooting lasers from it's head is something that I'd want to share with others, so I quickly emailed it off to an interested party. Later, whilst checking my gmail I discovered that one of note-worthy aspects of the image had been corrected:

Still has lasers, but is correctly oriented! Google reads the EXIF data from the iPhone image and gives you a preview with the image correctly rotated. Isn't that nice! I've written to them asking if they can implement a baby-laser-removal algorithm, but I've yet to hear back from them.

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