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Javascript. The demon of space.

dos screen

Javascript - the demon of space... Only you can pre-emptively strike on these possibly hostile space vehicles which may or may not be plotting to attack you or an ally of yours.

Deamons of space is a DHTML javascript game I started and will hopefully never complete. Once you figure out the odd "braking" system you may find it a little easy... So to make the game more difficult, it doesnt work in Firefox. This should add a significant challenge.

When I get a couple-a-hours free I'll fix it up for Mozilla. I think (hope) I was just not using getElementById(). It was my best effort at object-oriented javascript at the time. I'll put the "source code" here too to save having to grab 'em all.

P.S. The "demon of space" line comes from the stunningly brilliant and hilarous sci-fi musical thriller - Naked Space, or as it was also known, The Creature Wasn't Nice starring Leslie Nielson. A film that requires several viewings to understand the attempted jokes. Time well spent. "Pressure..... The demon of space."

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