Hyperactivate: mo’ 2005 sounds

Another bit of earwax unearthed from the 2005 archives! This one is pretty good, not withstanding all the Thomas Dolby/Beastie Boys copyright infringement.

Metal Meter Madness

Ludum Dare 29 delivered us the theme "Beneath the Surface", and I, in turn, delivered my first Ludum Dare novelty offering: Metal Meter Madness. It was my attempt at an 80s 8bit english-humour style farce in the style of Jet-Set Willy or Hover Bovver. However, due to hang-over-ness and appartment hunting, the wackiness meter never made it into the same ball park. Still, it was kind of a game, with kind of a point, with kind of sound fx and kind of some music. And that's all you really want from a Ludum Dare.

This was the first experiment with time-lapse-ing the affair. Every 5 seconds a screenshot was added to a folder - resulting in around 7000 images over the two days, putting my total development time at 35000 seconds (or, around 10 hours if you prefer). Here it is in all its glory:

The simple genius of Flappy Bird

One week ago I would have sworn that Flappy Bird was a case of beautiful dumb luck: some guy threw a bunch of out-of-the-box elements on a screen, and accidentally created a world-wide phenomenon. But after subjecting it to scrupulous analysis during the process of "accurately" cloning it, I discovered so many fundamentally important details that I’m no longer sure it was luck. I'm starting to suspect that Flappy Bird is a minimalist work of gamedev genius.

Hear me out. The magic lies in the way the developer, Dong Nguyen, so sublimely twisted the normal "rules" of game development. He took a handful of well-known, irrefutable game-making adages and threw them to the birds... discarding the usual "must-implements" and implementing the usual "nice-to-haves". But which rules to break, and which to follow? That's the $50,000-dollar-a-day question!

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Flappy Bird Typing Tutor

Well, that escalated quickly. PLAY NOW!, come back for detail later.

Bitcoin market visualizer thing

Having a slight slither of skin in the Bitcoin game, I decided it would be prudent to more closely monitor my investments. There's some fantastic tools for this: Bitcoin Wisdom and Trading View and Co. But they all show a single view, designed to be viewed in a browser tab. I needed something that would show a whole bunch of different views that I could put fullscreen and project on the wall, ensuring I wouldn't miss a single moment of the action. And therefore, bitcoin market visualizer thing.

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