Write the theme tune, sing the theme tune

A couple of recent tracks for ma games: Oscillator & Mister Moonboots. Excuse the abrupt halt to Mister Moonboots... he's supposed to loop oop oop.

Mister Moonboots: on the App Store!

Mister Moonboots on the app store

Bust out the champagne (or the chartreuse, if you're feeling game): Mister Moonboots has been released on the App Store! Rush and play it 3 times now, then go and rate it 5 stars (if you loved it) or 4 stars (if you're a heartless miser who wishes to suck all traces of joy from others).

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Conquering Flappy Bird

The creator of the current smash-hit game "Flappy Bird" is either a certified genius or an authentic wacko. In either case, this game ignores every rule of good design: plopping you into your own personal crazily-addictive fire-y hell of casual gaming. All you can do is suppress your rage, grit your teeth, and try yet again to beat your standing high-score of "6". But when the rage becomes too much, you're forced to go to the dark side... and cheat.

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Spam, my friend.

Hi there could I allusion some of the perceptiveness from this participant if I minister to a relation help to your site?

I just deleted 18,311 pending comments that had been submitted to this blog. 99.99% were spam, but 0.01% were real comments from real people, so I had to vet them one at a time. And I had to read a lot of spam.

Until now I'd turned a blind eye to the burgeoning mountain of crap - mostly because I'm extremely lazy - but also because at some point I thought it would be interesting to "write" a book about them. You see, individually they cause me pain... but en masse they give me great joy.

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My new bitcoin-enabled business card

Bitcoin ransom note: Send Bitcoin and await further instructions! 1HbnTkyB1uErvUkJ81kxGEDxt2TzHEkf77