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HOWAMI: a command line tool

It's good to be reminded that you're shit. Today Fabrice Bellard released jslinux - a 32 bit CPU emulator which loads a fully-functional linux kernel: including Emacs, and a C compiler. Holy Poopsmith.

Seeing as I now had a JavaScript-powered coding environment handy - and being inspired by Fabrice's unrelenting productivity - I decided code up a command line utility I've been intending to make for quite some time: howami.

howami is the companion command to whoami. It will tell you how you are. Here's the man page:

HOWAMI(1)       Mr Speaker Command Manual       HOWAMI(1)

    howami -- display effective user sentiment


     The howami utility displays your effective sentiment as 
     an adjective.

     The howami utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an 
     error occurs.


MRS                     May 17, 2011                    MRS

So grab the howami binary and plop it in your /usr/local/bin. Alternatively, if you're from the ol' school you might like to build it yourself from the howami GitHub repo. And if you're just dying to run it in jslinux you'll have to swap out the stdio for tcclib.

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