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What’s that port?

Looking through your firewall logs, or the output of a "netstat -a" and notice a connection to a port you are not familar with? And want to impress your friends? Use this cool nerdy trick provided by and trusty ol' nslookup to find port names...

nslookup -q=txt

Where port is the port number you're interested in, and protocol is tcp, or udp. For example, say you spot the following line in your firewall log:

30/08/04	UDP	1433

After you are finished being impressed by the groovy IP address, whack the following down on the command line:

nslookup -q=txt

Non-authoritative answer:    text =


There you go. Someone trying to send a UDP packet to your SQL server. Hope you're patched up, 'cause it's most likely a Slammer packet.

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