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The road to jQuery 1.4: at a glance

Ok, here's something you'll want to refer to daily... the current status of the jQuery 1.4 "TODO list", or as I like to call it, "Report 37". Usually when people on the jQuery dev lists ask "When will jQuery 1.4 be ready?" they are met with a resigned (resigned not resiged) answer: "When it's ready". But we don't have to take that kind of glib-ness anymore...

Now we can go and consult good ol' Report 37 any time we need an ETA on 1.4. The method is simple: when all the red and white stripes turn light blue - then jQuery's ready to go! Of course, looking at all those lines takes up precious time and brain space - so I've compacted the data into a single image, so you can see how things are going at a glance.

Assuming this page has completed loading without JavaScript errors (a big assumption), you should see the Licorice Allsort graph to the right. The black lines mark the different components of the jQuery build: Ajax, Core, Event, FX, etc... The coloured lines are the status of the tickets. We want everything to turn blue, if only so there isn't so much pink on my blog.

To make the pretty pictures, I grab the report once a day, and dump it on my server. Then your browser goes all jQuery on it - loading it in and extracting relevant colour information. Then the super awesome Raphael SVG library makes some pixels, and we all have a cup of tea.

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