Selling Swift: what a fool believes

Ok, Apple comes out with a brand new programming language.

Creating a new programming language is the absolute surest way to invite a hurricane of internet pain from coders worried they've bet on the wrong horse. Generally they'll try to shout at the horse until it dies - mostly with nasty tweets.

Yet somehow Apple got away with it. The reaction was unreservedly, un-internet-ly positive; even the worst opinions around were like, "meh" with not a death-threat to be seen - an incredible achievement as anyone who has ever tried to release a new language or framework can attest!

How did they survive the terror of day zero, and thus giving Swift a fighting chance to flourish? The spark of evolutionary genius was to make the language (on a superficial level, at least) look exactly like all other languages at the same time! This familiarity translated in to superiority and pomp on the part of the coder, which let them consider the possibility of maybe possibly trying it out some time.

Swift looks pretty nice to me. I maybe possibly will try it out some time. But to paraphrase the internet, Is it just me, or do some of these comments seem familiar?

I've omitted the equally long list of combinatorial tweets ("X and Y had a baby!"), as well as the wall of "Lol at the idiots who think Swift looks like X!" tweets. For brevity... and in the interests of full disclosure: one of my own tweets in up there. Take it away Doobies!