Mr Speaker

Oculus Rift Reddit Internet Explorer

Recently both Firefox and Chrome released VR-enabled version of their browsers. Just as Lawnmower Man predicted.

I decided to test them out with the Rift, by hacking together "Mr Speaker's Internet Explorer" (or the repo): It loads any ImgUr images in a sub, and finds related subs mentioned in the "about" info.

gallery view

To load new subreddits, either hit "/" and type the name of your favourite time-wasting spot, or, better, look for the small obelisks around the space that contain a "/r/sub" title. If you look at these and hit enter, it will load automagically - so you can walk around exploring the space.

load sub view

I'm still just messing around with it, but it's kind of useful/interesting enough that you can almost feel the metaverse approaching.

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