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Instant: coffeescript on the go

Life's too short to not write coffeescript on the train. So I made a HTML5 offline web app for your iPhone that lets you (try to) do just that. Head over and add Instant to your iPhone home screen, then click on the "Run" button to see the example coffeescript go.

Okay, so... you're probably not going to be writing any coffeescript opuses on this thing. It's really fiddly to type, for one... also, the Javascript that is executed is not sandboxed in any way - so you can kill the app pretty easily (try $('#output').remove() to see what I mean)... but hey, you can WRITE COFFEESCRIPT ON YOUR IPHONE and that's the main thing. Think of it as a really annoying learning tool.

The "Run" screen is just a DIV (called #output) - there is a helper function called "log" that just appends whatever you give it to the #output HTML... so it kinda looks like a console - but it's not. It's just a DIV.


I'm addicted to these HTML5 offline games and web app things. Apple store be damned! If I wanna run code on my iComputerPhone, then I will, I tells ya! Errgh, anyhoo... all this app is doing is running your code through the the coffescript browser library then eval-ing the output. The text editor code I nicked from the HTML5 textile editor by Guillaume Bort hacked up a little bit and using the canvas-text project to draw text (the iPhone doesn't seem to like the fillText method otherwise).

Version 2

Is unlikely. I just wrote this to know that, if I wanted, I could code on the toilet.

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  1. I was waiting for someone to do this… And even considering doing it myself. Good work!

    Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 4:32 pm | Permalink
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