Mr Speaker

Pinball on YouTube

Lol! You spawn something new everyday. Quite by chance I came across a youtube video about "Hacking windows pinball" which reminded me of an article I wrote yonks ago called, strangely enough, Hacking Windows Pinball. "I wonder if it's related?" I wondered. It was. It was just a video of the "hidden test" cheat I found. Then, to my surprise, I looked at the related videos... There's zillions of them!

Some of them take even longer to explain how to type 2 words than I did explaining how to reverse engineer in assembler language. And sooooo much bad music... But it does highlight an important message: If you want your content to be popular, it has to be relevant to the interests of 14-year-olds.

(There's oh-so-many more, but I think it would start killing browsers)