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WebGL2 Voxels

I made a minecraft-y voxel world in WebGL2 a while back... just realised it's not on the blog. Now it is!

WebGL2 Voxels

The code is on GitHub, and my favourite thing about it: pure JavaScript - no dot files, no pacakge.json, no build files, no... nothin'. Just double click index.html (and/or view-source) - like the old days! I'm pretty happy that JavaScript Native Modules are finally ubiquitous.

I'll hopefully write this up a bit more soon - because I want to remember how I did the chunk generation! The basic architecture was inspired from this excellent (and massive!) WebGL series by SketchPunkLabs.

The voxel world also served as a base for my spooooky simultaneous 2D/3D game: Obaké.

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