Mr Speaker

Playing with food

What a birthday I had this year.

I was given a Nutrigrain E.T. from a work colleague. Although I have had a life long fear of that horrifying (and most probably evil) movie character, I was impressed with the likeness and hopeful that once my colleague forgot about the gift I could flog it on ebay.nutriET
The next present I received was a tin of wasabi peas which I ate while admiring my new nutri-friend. Due to my equal mix of happiness and horror caused by simultaneosly thinking about my birthday and the ugly freak that Spielberg decided to unleash upon my untainted mind all those years ago, I became distracted and dropped a few of the wasabi peas on the floor.

As I picked up the last of the so-undeservedly-wasted peas, I noticed that it held a passable likeness to Waldorf (or is it Statler?), of "The Muppet's Statler and Waldorf" fame. Wow! What a birthday this was shaping up to be.

Unfortunately my plans for seeking my fortune with these babies on ebay went bad that very eve, after I accidently ate the wasabi pea, and a rat or a bunch of cockroaches or something of similar capabilities ate half of E.T. Oh well.

I also got a bunch of other cool stuff for my birthday, but none of them looked like celebrities. I wonder if I could get Steven Spielberg to reimburse me for the dropped wasabi peas.

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