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As those of you with an interest in such things may know, I recently packed up my ruck sack and trundled over to Paris to work at a very cool French company - making some snazzy web apps, mobile apps, and a fantastic application framework. One of the mobile web apps required a scrolling area surround by fixed position elements - not something you can do out of the box on the iPhone. While researching a few possible third-party solutions to the problem, I knocked up this little random colour generator thing: R-G-Bargy

As always, if you're on an iPhone then load up R-G-Bargy in Safari and "Add to homepage".

Click the button at the bottom and the colour bars spin like crazy and choose a random colour value. Each band combines to make up the button colour at the bottom. That's all it does. You can click on the individual bands and just spin one part of the colour, and you can "lock" bands by pressing the circle on the right (or top, in landscape mode).

Why would you want to lock part of the colour? Well perhaps, or perhaps not, there is an easter egg built in which perhaps or perhaps not is triggered by some sequence of numbers. Perhaps or perhaps not it is a "straight" of some description. And finally, perhaps or perhaps not a big thanks to that most exquisite of illustrators, Anton Emdin for the contents of the easter egg.

I'm using the iScroll library for the scrolling - it seems quite nice so far. There is a "phase 2" in the planning stages that would make something useful based on R-G-Bargy. Perhaps.

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