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Tims and GarethsABBA recorded songs in 5 different languages. Although their songs would be classics in any language, by re-recording the songs in the native tongue of various countries they strengthened their fan base and spread their message effectively. NBC's comedy the office has taken a leaf out of the ABBA marketing guide and re-released BBC's The Office in American.

Rumours that Brad Pitt would play David Brent appear untrue (else make up has done a fantastic job), and instead - perhaps to add to the realism of the mockumentary - they got people with limited acting skills.

David BrentsThe production crew of the office (I'll differentiate the two versions by making the original a proper noun and - in a mark of disrespect - the remake a common noun) are obviously big fans of movie-oke. And, in comparison to other movie-okes, it's not a bad effort - even down to mimicking the original characters facial expressions. Stapler in the jelly, the "corporate" filing cabinet, "wassup"... it's all there. Can't wait to see the dance scene.

The only thing missing from The Office in the office is the uneasiness. You just never feel like you will cringe till you have to hide under the coffee table with your hands over your eyes - except when their terrible overacting reminds you of how you felt when you saw the original.Tims and Dawns

They do throw in a couple of original lines - for example, someone makes a reference to Hilary Clinton. Oh, and Tim is called Jim. Phew, lucky they did a remake.

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