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Mac service: open iTerm at selection path

Opening the current folder or file path in iTerm is something I want to do a lot. The second time I ever wanted to do this I decided I should automate it. The 10,000th time I wanted to do this, I actually did automate it.

Here is an applescripted automator service to open the current selection path in a new iTerm window:

mac services list
Clicking on the option will spawn a new iTerm window, and cd to either the folder path, or the containing folder if it's a file:
path opened in bash

That's it. To install it, grab the Open iTerm to Path zip file and open the .workflow file inside. Open it in automator if you want to see the code, else just hit "install" and it will be available in services.

Also, if you want to change what shows up in your services context menu, go to prefs -> keyboard -> shortcuts -> services.

Annnd finally, if you just wanna see some code, here be it...

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