Bitcoin market visualizer thing

Having a slight slither of skin in the Bitcoin game, I decided it would be prudent to more closely monitor my investments. There's some fantastic tools for this: Bitcoin Wisdom and Trading View and Co. But they all show a single view, designed to be viewed in a browser tab. I needed something that would show a whole bunch of different views that I could put fullscreen and project on the wall, ensuring I wouldn't miss a single moment of the action. And therefore, bitcoin market visualizer thing.

Clicking the "settings" button at the top shows/hides the cogs for each of the 4 views. Clicking a cog lets you select what will be displayed: there's a whole slew of views (growing all the time): DOGE/BTC, LCT/BTC, even IRC about BTC - or you can paste in your own URL (and email me about it if you think there's a good view that's missing from the defaults). As icing on the cake, I even include a selection of world clocks - so you can make sure you're ready for when China wakes up and the bitcoin world goes crazy.

Last, but not least, there's a "go full screen" link for your visualizer-ing pleasure: so you can accurately track bitcoin on its way to the moon.