Mr Speaker

Navigate the web with your gamepad

How crap is the mouse, right? Yeah, I know! So I made a greasemonkey script to do my websurfin' using my NES-style USB gamepad. For those of you too excited to read on, take your gamepad-enabled build of Firefox and install Gamepad Navigator now!

Up and down to scroll the page up and down. The top-most visible link on the page will be highlighted for your navigating pleasure. Left and right to move between links, FIRE to visit. It's just that simple!

The gamepad API is verrry experimental at the moment - it's only available in special builds of Firefox and Chrome (Chrome Canary)... but it's comin' to a browser near you soon!

I also map the "select" button to back, and "start" button to forward, just for fun. It's only for Firefox at the moment (thanks to some weirdness in the Chrome implementation) and it's hardcoded to the Retrolink controller - you need to tweak the IDs in the script to match yours... but hey, works on my machine!

Konami code not included.

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