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Olive vs OliveDrab

"Name as many of the web 'X11 color set' named colours as you can." should be the new fizz buzz. I think I'd do pretty good, but would always fall down on the "mediums" and "lights". "MediumPapayaWhip? LightRosyBrown?".

If it were in an interview situation, I could talk for hours about the faded glory of LemonChiffon, the unexpected practicality of PeachPuff, the eerie strangeness of Thistle, and the deep beauty of Orchid (way better than MediumOrchid, which I'm pretty sure is one of the mediums).

But I'd be praying they don't ask my opinion on Olive and OliveDrab.

Olive is way more drab than OliveDrab. It's drabber. There's no competition. If I showed you you'd 100% agree, but I categorically refuse to put the drabby drabby drabness that is "Olive" on this website. I JUST WON'T DO IT! OliveDrab should be renamed to OliveFestive or something, and I'm not moving until it had been changed in the CSS specification, and maybe even added to as as the honorary 17th named color in the HTML4 specification.

Well, nah, maybe it's not that good. And it is a bit drab I suppose. But drabber than Olive?!

Anyways, did I get the job?

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