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Bill Gates and John Howard look for Venture Capital

take it away John“Longhorn” is the rather ridiculous name given to the next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It has been a long time coming. Frequent delays have forced Microsoft to omit various features that were going to make their debut in this release. But they have to get Longhorn out soon, ‘cause they need some more cash.

Pictures of the new version have been circulating, and a review of it can be found on the winsupersite site. I had a look around and noticed some pretty weird stuff about these leaked images...

the johnny filesThe most shocking discovery was that the screen shots appear to have come from a person who has a relationship of some description with the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard. Could this be Bill Gates' machine, and if so, why does he have a "stack" (as it'll be called in Longhorn) of documents about our main man?

Mr Speaker is not one to speculate without valid sources, but it would most certainly seem that John Howard and Bill Gates are planning to create a small Internet start-up company that will sell "virtual-handicrafts".

More details as they come to hand.

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