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We can’t just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Consumer Good God

Let’s get this straight – I ain’t nobody’s shill. I don’t shill. But I am a half-decent consumer and I can appreciate a good product. As rare as they might be. So I’m lending some valuable Mr Speaker cyber* space to The PlusDeck 2c Cassette Player – which transcends the status of mere “good product” […]

Formalised System For Beer Re-distribution

Epiphanic moments of genius are relatively rare. Especially for me. That’s why I was kind of surprised to have one last Saturday night. Here is a revolutionary step-by-step guide to the Formalised System Of Beer Re-distribution.

Talking Boony

Quite possibly the best marketing gimmick…EVER! A talking David Boone figure that reacts to TV! What makes it work? Lets check it out!