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The human side of Mr Speaker

These are my Emacs days

I’ve been using Atom as my primary editor for several years now. But recently there’s been a tidal wave of support for VS Code. It swept through the tech industry and washed away Atom and Sublime and friends. I figured it was fruitless to fight the trend, so I switched to Emacs. Now that I […]

Popcorn kernel bread ™

It is, with no doubt, the greatest idea I have ever had: bake bread with a bunch of popcorn kernels in it. This idea… it’s just… it’s by far better than any other idea on this blog. It’s better than my Kentucky Fried Chicken Feen from 2005. It’s better than my BASIC revelation from 2015. […]

A better phonetic alphabet

I found this in a txt document that myself & the missus wrote, possibly when drunk, in 2002. Seems important. Aquaman Barometer Chicken Dress-ups Eatery Fedora Goal Posts Heliotrope Irksome Jalepeno Kraftwerk Limp Moisten Nice Oblong Pancake Quincy Restrooms Satay Tanktop Uppity Voltimeter Wafting Xtreme Yurt ZZ Top

My grandmother was immutable

As I move into my twilight years (mid 30s) I start to have flashbacks surrounding various aspects of my youth. This very morn’, for example, I was whisked back to an endless summer evening circa the mid 80s… The scene is composed of; a large christmas tree, me, my grandmother, and our TV. Connected to […]

Mr Speakers

I’m not really the type o’ guy to go splashing my (albiet strikingly handsome) visage all over my website/facebook page/photo library so I receive a lot of requests from readers asking “PLEASE MR SPEAKER more pics! more pics!!!”. Well, I’ve got some good news for you guys and gals: Today Google released a new “search […]

301-ing! Come join the house-warming!

Well well! Are you reading this post from the old stinky URL or from the NEW stinky URL! ‘Cause the NEW stinky URL is the place to be! That’s correct! The blog known as Mr Speaker has moved: same internet, new location!!

Wave rooting in Newcastle

This will be a post of three parts. You should probably go straight to Part Three – as this has the juicy details, and a fairly brilliant song I composed. Part one and two are mostly content-free, self-oriented pieces that are sure to be of interest to few (though, with the high demand for fairly […]

Wave rooting, Part II: Morning of terror

It seems like less of a good idea now. It’s 8.30am in a tent on a football oval, 6km from Dorkbot Central. I sport a chipper hangover, compounded by a brawny and ominous (though, thankfully fairly rain-free) thunderstorm. Emerging from the tent, I spy my mode-of-transport with a small slice of contempt. I quite like […]

Wave rooting, Part III: WävRüta

After such an epic journey, it was going to have to be a pretty impressive 8bit, lo-fi, noisy, multi-mode digital audio FX unit and signal generator we’d be building. And with such a description, how could it not be? Impressive, that is. It couldn’t not be, that’s the answer to that rhetorical question – and […]