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A most useful function

Hot on the heels of my web colors rant, comes this amazing piece of Emacs Lisp I now have in my init file: (defun web-color () (interactive) (let ((cols ‘(“AliceBlue” “AntiqueWhite” “Aqua” “Aquamarine” “Azure” “Beige” “Bisque” “Black” “BlanchedAlmond” “Blue” “BlueViolet” “Brown” “BurlyWood” “CadetBlue” “Chartreuse” “Chocolate” “Coral” “CornflowerBlue” “Cornsilk” “Crimson” “Cyan” “DarkBlue” “DarkCyan” “DarkGoldenRod” “DarkGray” “DarkGreen” […]


Thanks to a decreased demand in shaving recently, I discovered several grey facial hairs. It’s happening – I’m becoming a graybeard! The timing is suspicious: I start using Emacs, I turn into a graybeard. But did Emacs cause me to get grey hairs, or did the hairs coerce me into to using Emacs?

Blog-o-thon ahoy!

I hereby declare my intention to spam a whole tonne of blog posts in the near future. I’ve made this declaration several times in the past – and never managed anything remotely close to “a tonne”, but this time we find a confluence of important factors – contributing to a near-perfect storm. A very-adequate storm. […]

Word-processing Code

Notepad -> HotDog Pro -> HomeSite -> TopStyle (a handful of months) -> NetBeans -> Notepad++ -> Visual Studio -> IntelliJ -> TextMate -> Sublime Text -> Atom ->VSCode (a handful of months) -> Emacs. After so much sampling, I’m 99.6% sure I’m done with this journey. My conclusions from this 30+ year study: choose […]