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Hyperactivate: mo’ 2005 sounds

Another bit of earwax unearthed from the 2005 archives! This one is pretty good, not withstanding all the Thomas Dolby/Beastie Boys copyright infringement.

Track: Fuck me dead

Just found this weird ol’ track I made a few years ago. Like all my weird ol’ tracks, it was never finished. Now it’s finished.

Do you remember when rock was young?

I just realised that my cathartic “throw all my old stuff up on the web and call it done” might apply to more than just JavaScript code, so here’s a couple of tracks I never finished way back in the summer of ’05. We were all so young and crazy then… Miss New Orleans by […]

Don’t Get It “Video”

Damn… It’s been a couple of days since I posted – so I thought I best get something in from the First Jelly at AR. It’s a “video” for the Computadors track Don’t Get it Remixed that I chucked together in Ableton Live – yes – Live! It has some incredibly rudimentary video editing functionality […]

O! Computadors!

Easter has come early ’round these parts – a brand new chocolate egg of audio treats for you – from me. Well actually, us this time: Mr Speaker has joined forces with the magical man of musical mgoodness – Tom Birchnell – to form Computadors. Our first mission, which we chose to accept, was to […]

Track: Happy (Hardcore)

Yes, yes, yes… It’s been a LONG time since the last post in the Earwax category. It’s not that I haven’t been doing any tracks – It’s that I haven’t been finishing them. I’ve explained about my attention span before, I’m sure. Anyway, here I present to you a glitchy, bell-y piece I’m pretty happy […]