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We can’t just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Conquering Flappy Bird

The creator of the current smash-hit game “Flappy Bird” is either a certified genius or an authentic wacko. In either case, this game ignores every rule of good design: plopping you into your own personal crazily-addictive fire-y hell of casual gaming. All you can do is suppress your rage, grit your teeth, and try yet […]

Decision making

Teenage Turtle Mutant Ninjas Ninja Mutant Teenage Turtles Turtle Mutant Teenage Ninjas Teenage Ninja Turtle Mutants Turtle Teenage Ninja Mutants Ninja Turtle Mutant Teenagers Mutant Turtle Ninja Teenagers Ninja Teenage Turtle Mutants Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles Turtle Mutant Ninja Teenagers Mutant Teenage Turtle Ninjas Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles Ninja Turtle Teenage Mutants Mutant Ninja Teenage Turtles Teenage Mutant Turtle Ninjas Turtle Ninja Mutant Teenagers Teenage Turtle Ninja Mutants Mutant Turtle Teenage Ninjas Ninja Teenage Mutant Turtles Ninja Mutant Turtle Teenagers Turtle Teenage Mutant Ninjas Mutant Ninja Turtle Teenagers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Ninja Teenage Mutants

Esrever ni sdrocer gniyalp

I’m getting pretty sick of people coming up to me on the street and asking how they can play their records backwards to hear the devil. “I can’t spin it backwards at a constant rate” they cry, “and I get tired after a while. What can be done?!”. It’s upsetting that this problem still plagues […]

JavaScript game: Corporate BFFs

Holy b-jezus! I found a whole treasure-chest of stuff I did in pre-2006 then let rot in the dank dungeons of my G: drive. Today’s resurrection: Corporate Best Friends Forever: a “memory” type game with a twist. All the cards are face up – you simply have to match the pairs. The twist? There are […]


Welcome to the Plops! work-in-progress by Mr. Speaker. This is an actual Atari 2600 game I started making many moons ago. Space to start (click on the atari to focus!), arrows for movin and jumping (to collect “stones”), and space for throwing collected stones. It’s bloody hard to get used to jumping that purple thing. […]

The Secret Life of The Secret Life Of

While flicking casually through various shoutcast TV streams today, I came to focus my attention on an old documentary about computers, or offices, or machines, or office workers, or computerised office workers, or something. It was pretty good. Anyhoo, I think it was called “The Secret Life of Offices”, or “The Secret Life of Computerised […]

WallBot: The Post-Modern Prometheus

Talented people. God I hate them. How dare they sit around making our meagre accomplishments look meagre? Well, they dare. They dare. Case in point: Graffiti Wall for Facebook. It provides you with a skeleton tool set – a colour picker, a brush size selector, an opacity selector, and 152592 pixels on which to use […]

Circuit Bending

Possession of low-voltage consumer electronics. A love of very noisy things. A do-it-yourself aesthetic – Do you possess these items and/or attributes? Then come join the Circuit Bending hoedown! It’s disturbing and easy! Here’s the how and why (no, actually, the how and what)… Circuit Bending is the art of messing with the electronics inside […]