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The human side of Mr Speaker

Wave rooting in Newcastle

This will be a post of three parts. You should probably go straight to Part Three – as this has the juicy details, and a fairly brilliant song I composed. Part one and two are mostly content-free, self-oriented pieces that are sure to be of interest to few (though, with the high demand for fairly […]

Wave rooting, Part II: Morning of terror

It seems like less of a good idea now. It’s 8.30am in a tent on a football oval, 6km from Dorkbot Central. I sport a chipper hangover, compounded by a brawny and ominous (though, thankfully fairly rain-free) thunderstorm. Emerging from the tent, I spy my mode-of-transport with a small slice of contempt. I quite like […]

Wave rooting, Part III: WävRüta

After such an epic journey, it was going to have to be a pretty impressive 8bit, lo-fi, noisy, multi-mode digital audio FX unit and signal generator we’d be building. And with such a description, how could it not be? Impressive, that is. It couldn’t not be, that’s the answer to that rhetorical question – and […]

My Life – In Computer Years

Nothing like a major milestone to throw you into a whirl of nostalgic self-reflection. Today I’m 30. 30 years old. Here is a very nerdy retrospective of the computers that made up my life…

Technical Difficulties and Brain Surgery

Sorry about the wierdness around here folks… I’ve been away for a spot of brain surgery. The craniotomy so far has not given me any of the special gifts promised by trepanning. I’ll keep a third eye on it though. In other Mr Speaker news, while I was gone my hosting provider (smartyhost) decided to […]

Playing with food

Nutrigrain E.T, and Statle and Waldorf wasabi-peas. What more could you want for your birthday?