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Mr Speaker as a test case

“Code so good, you’ll base your unit tests on it – that’s my promise to you!”. At least that’s how I’m going to look at it. I was hunting up some info on QtWebKit (the Qt port of WebKit, obviously) and I noticed a new version had just been released. To my surprise I noticed […]

DOMTimeStamp fun

Here’s today’s fun-with-mobiles tidbit of pain. The extremely entertaining Geolocation API (entertaining to use, not to read) provides the current timestamp in DOMTimeStamp format along with geoposition responses. But it seems browsers and devices aren’t 100% in agreement on either what a DOMTimeStamp is, or what it is when it comes back from a geolocation […]

Canvas and Inputs aren’t friends

Here are some cursory notes on a peculiar issue involving plummeting frame-rates when drawing input elements in DIVs that overlap canvas elements in fullscreen web apps. That’s the kind of market I’m targeting these days. tl:dr; Please test your canvas-capable device with this test case in normal and full screen modes, and report back the […]

iOS 4.3 Geolocation in web apps

Update: problem solved(ish)! See below… Not again you Apple monsters! Last time it was multi touch that you decided to take from us, this time it’s geolocation. Upgrading my iPhone 3GS to iOS4.3 caused a mobile web app I’m working on to start throwing errors. Danged if I can figure out why. Here’s what I […]

Choose your own cache.manifest

I love the HTML5 cache manifest functionality more than the internet itself. It lets me carry my crazy proof-of-concepts around in my pocket – offline – to test out on the train to-and-fro the way-to-work. The way it works is you add a link to a “manifest” file in the HTML tag. The browser sees […]

Accelerometer in Javascript

The super-cool Google Jules Verne demo that went up today reminded me that I made an accelerometer tester for the iphone ages ago. It’s an offline app, so don’t be afraid to “add it to home screen” – and if you don’t want to get dizzy, then lock the phone to portrait mode! GO HERE […]

WadBug – mobile web developer toolbar

Back in the dark ages of web development (2003) debugging tools were extremely limited. You just had to kind of “think like a browser” to figure out why something wasn’t working. Thankfully, those days were banished forever with the introduction of the extremely influential Web Developer Toolbar by Chris Pederick. A while ago I realised […]


As those of you with an interest in such things may know, I recently packed up my ruck sack and trundled over to Paris to work at a very cool French company – making some snazzy web apps, mobile apps, and a fantastic application framework. One of the mobile web apps required a scrolling area […]

Instant: coffeescript on the go

Life’s too short to not write coffeescript on the train. So I made a HTML5 offline web app for your iPhone that lets you (try to) do just that. Head over and add Instant to your iPhone home screen, then click on the “Run” button to see the example coffeescript go.