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Parcycle: A Particle System with HTML5 canvas

All this PPK “iPhone developers are stupid” awesomeness got me thinking. Now, if there’s one guy I’ve got respect for, it’s PPK. And if he tells me to ditch objective-c for JavaScript, then I’m damn well going to do it. Accordingly, I decide to create “Parcycle”: a Particle Emitter system that I re-wrote from a […]

Game of Life

Conway’s Game of Life is a simple cellular automaton based on a few simple rules. There’s about fifty gabillion implementations of it around. Here’s mine: Game Of Life in Javascript (rendered, of course, on Canvas). I just followed the rules on the Wikipedia entry, so I’m not 100% sure it’s fully “Game Of Life Compliant”, […]

Smoking Canvas

On the way to work today I remembered an old trick to create a “fire” effect: you randomly assign a colour to the pixels on the bottom row of the screen (in the same hue) and for each row above it take the average of the 3 pixels immediately below it, and 1 pixel that […]

3D with HTML5 Canvas: Part 2

Part 2! Unbelievable, my attention span is expanding in my old age… Today we are going to look at building on the 3d starfield of Part 1 by moving from dots to lines! By the end of this tutorial, we’ll have a floating cube demo that we can scale and translate in 3D space. Use […]

JavaScript games for iPhone

The good Mr Craig Sharkie (URL pending…) pointed me to a JavaScript game that was designed to run on the iPhone. Being a copycat, I decided to port my recently un-earthed platform game to be iPhone-friendly. Due to a serendipitous accident, the game was already 320×480 pixels – so all that was required was to […]

3D with HTML5 Canvas: Part 1

Ah ha! First time on this blog where I’ve started a “series” and got past post 1. (Check out post one: called “Part 0”). Well anyway, it turns out that my theory that simple 3D is easier that it seems was correct. Based on my vague inclination of how the maths should work, I constructed […]