Making Google+ like Twitter

Google+ is this service that google made that you might have heard about. It's like Twitter, except instead of 140 characters you can write a novel, or post every lolcat picture you find. Then, everyone's collected novels and lolcat collections then get collated and displayed into a single, mammoth, animated-gif-filled, crazily formated, document that google calls "your stream".

But a little discussed side effect of this is that the time it takes us to scroll from the top of our stream to the bottom wastes 400 trillion billion carbo units anually, and is also really annoying - so I made a tiny dotjs script to force every post to be exactly one tweet in height. If something strikes your fancy, then double click to find out more.
Google-: a shrunken view of Google+
So far I've found the shrunken feed to be 640% more useful, so I'm throwing out the Google- dotjs script. If I'm really really bored tonight I'll transform it into a plugin/greasemonkey script/google app/iphone application. But for now, here you go...