oadingL: The Magnificent Marquee Throbber

Allow me to introduce oadingL: The Magnificent Marquee Throbber! It's a state of the art, web2.0.1, content loading indicator (or "throbber", as they are known in the biz):

Wow. What you're witnessing, if you are using Chrome, Safari, and somewhat Firefox (no idea about IE) is four 16 pixel-wide marquee elements, wrapped in a 64 pixel-wide marquee element - travelling left - wrapped inside a 128 pixel-wide marquee element: travelling right. With just a dash of CSS for roundy edges.

If you feel the need to use (or better yet, improve on) this revolutionary techinque - the code is below. Notice, I've tried use as many of the old-school attributes as possible: that's why it doesn't work in Opera - they don't support bgcolor. Spoil sports...

#oadingL, #oadingL marquee {