Yearly Archives: 2004

What’s that port?

Looking through your firewall logs, or the output of a “netstat -a” and notice a connection to a port you are not familar with? And want to impress your friends? Use this cool nerdy trick provided by and trusty ol’ nslookup to find port names… nslookup -q=txt Where port is the port number […]

I am your Automatic Teller. Automatic Teller.

The first ATMs in Australia (as remembered by me) had a display that consisted of 2 lines of orange monochrome LEDs concealed in a black plastic contraption that the customer was required to adjust to the correct eye level in order to read. The ATM User Interface Development in the last 10 years has been […]

Life imitates meat – Squid Chews

An in-depth look into the fascinating world of meat created in it’s own image.

Track: Chocobarrie

Mr Speaker presents: Chocobarrie.

Ferries change their tune

..In a move that could only be described as uninteresting, the ferry greetings and warnings have been re-recorded and altered.