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New games ahoy!

Just a quick update, ’cause I haven’t been here for a while – but I have been busy making things, promise. Here’s a couple of games I did: Time Flies Straight: a non-usual game of fractal time, staring Carl Sagan. Glowbougs: a platform adventure for the JS13K comp. I have many things to say about […]

DIGIBOTS & CO.: a game in a month.

“Make a game in a month, with crazy retro-like restrictions, and if you win you we’ll put it in a real-life arcade machine in front of the general public.” Now that’s a pitch that I’d find difficult to walk away from. And so I poured selected parts of my heart and soul into “DIGIBOTS & […]

Into the third dimension

My loyal long-term readers (by whom I mean Anton) would know my technological aesthetic bent strongly favour the 1980s. Seeing as the third dimension was not discovered until 1992, I have thus far had little inclination to bother with it. But things have changed: now that the 90s are suitably retro I feel it’s finally […]

DHTML Lemmings: an awesome hack

That image is the punchline to the question I awoke with in the middle of last night: “How the FLIPPIN’ ‘ECK did that guy do destructible terrain for DHTML Lemmings… in 2004?!!!”. I lay there for some time as thoughts raced through my mind: There was no canvas element in 2004. No WebGL. In fact, […]

#Random Hex colour

Want a random colour between white and black? “#” + (Math.random() * 0xffffff | 0).toString(16) That is all. [Update: after I posted this I thought… i bet this has been done a zillion times already. It was, and by Paul Irish in 2009 no less. Additionally – it doesn’t work. The best looking one there […]

Three.js: looking away from .lookAt

Have a hankering to look in the opposite direction of the vector you get from Three.js’s .lookAt function? You need .lookAwayFrom! Dunno if there’s an easier way, but the idea is find the vector between the target you’d normally “look at” and you, then add the resultant to your current position, and look at that […]