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There’s more going on than just computers and noise. I’ve been told.

On the importance of marketing

A bit of mis-management on my part resulted in this interesting “experiment”: take the exact same article, submit it to two different (but demographically similar) sources, with different headlines. Now, I’m not going to win any awards for understanding the importance of some good link bait, but I’ll also never look at a “title” form […]

Dear Network Diary…

Well, it’s that time of year again where we take a moment to reflect: revisit our achievements, ponder our failures, and reminisce about the wireless networks we connected to. I can’t help you with your achievements and failures, but, if you’re on a mac, paste this fellow into a terminal window to read your very […]

URL shrtng

URL shorteners are a great for turning long links into short links – and this is fantastically useful for… phew, um, I dunno – ever-so-slightly lowering bandwidth, perhaps? But still, why not take advantage of these free and stupid services! I know most of you detest the thought of clicking on a link that (behind […]

Two teams, one cup

It’s been a grueling battle, but unsurprisingly jQuery Novice to Ninja has made the World Cup Final. Tonight’s game is not going to be easy – up against the formidable Kevin Yank/Cameron Adams combination who, as always, are in excellent form.

Google will help

(I was looking for “Someone stole my sleeping bag”… but it turns out I was suffering a long-term case of misheard lyrics.)

Amazing tech news just announced

In an unbelievable twist in the long-standing feud between two rival tech companies, one of the companies today announced or admitted some kind of news that will dramatically alter their current standing in the tech community and greatly impact their relationship with rival company.

Book review: “jQuery: Novice to Ninja”

I just finished reading “jQuery: Novice to Ninja” by Earle Castledine & Craig Sharkie, and I have to say – it was as delightful as it was disturbing: without a doubt it is this year’s must-read sleeper hit. The authors excel in propelling the reader on an epic personal journey that immerses them in the […]

Decision making

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