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There’s more going on than just computers and noise. I’ve been told.

Translating marketing garbage

French is a beautiful language, so of course it makes sense that some right-wing crazies would fight like heck to keep English from ruining it. That’s exactly the intent behind Toubon Law – which mandates that any commercial publications written (or containing text) in another language also come with a visible French translation. This usually […]

Navigate the web with your gamepad

How crap is the mouse, right? Yeah, I know! So I made a greasemonkey script to do my websurfin’ using my NES-style USB gamepad. For those of you too excited to read on, take your gamepad-enabled build of Firefox and install Gamepad Navigator now! Up and down to scroll the page up and down. The […]

Java on film: the livestream videos

Since having a chat about what I learned from watchin’ live coding, I’ve received buckets of emails ‘n’ tweets asking for links to the videos… After an epic google search of 5 minutes I’ve collected them all and aggregated them in this one happy place. Someone coded Prelude of the Chambered for the Lundum Dare […]

Internet Explorer pizza. With extra obsolescence.

Did you know that over 18% of the worlds code was written by programmers fueled by pizza? It would surprise me if you did, because I just made that up. But at any rate, nothing tastes more disgusting than the pizza you have to eat because you’re stuck at work on a Saturday desperately trying […]

Better Ads!

Big tech news everybody! I’m not sure if I have an exclusive here, but I just noticed this exciting announcement in Gmail this morning: That’s right! Better ads in Gmail! BETTER! Better than before! It seems hard to imagine that they could have squeezed a bit more awesome out of the advertising medium, but whatever […]

iOS 4.3 Geolocation in web apps

Update: problem solved(ish)! See below… Not again you Apple monsters! Last time it was multi touch that you decided to take from us, this time it’s geolocation. Upgrading my iPhone 3GS to iOS4.3 caused a mobile web app I’m working on to start throwing errors. Danged if I can figure out why. Here’s what I […]

“Elastic social graph” was released yesterday to great fan-fare: primarily thanks to the news they had secured 41 million dollars in funding (not a typo) for an app that let’s you take and share photos with other poeple (a typo) in the nearby area. The idea is, you’re at a party and take a photo – and […]

Google says Bing is tracking you

Here is a fantastic piece of copywriting misdirection from the Logging policies for Chrome Instant: Because your default search engine requests results as you’re typing in the address bar, it may be logging your text as search terms. The specifics of the logging behavior depend on your default search engine. For example, if you use […]