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Blog-o-thon ahoy!

I hereby declare my intention to spam a whole tonne of blog posts in the near future. I’ve made this declaration several times in the past – and never managed anything remotely close to “a tonne”, but this time we find a confluence of important factors – contributing to a near-perfect storm. A very-adequate storm. […]

Mr Speaker lives!

Phewwwweeee. You have no idea how close this URL came to not existing. Of ALL the URLs not existing! Sit back and let me tell you a tale of how I almost let – the cornerstone of the Mr Speaker ™ Corporation – be erased from the existance. The story begins not long after […]

Word-processing Code

Notepad -> HotDog Pro -> HomeSite -> TopStyle (a handful of months) -> NetBeans -> Notepad++ -> Visual Studio -> IntelliJ -> TextMate -> Sublime Text -> Atom ->VSCode (a handful of months) -> Emacs. After so much sampling, I’m 99.6% sure I’m done with this journey. My conclusions from this 30+ year study: choose […]

Some musoems that I made

Didn’t write many blog posts this year. To make up for it, I hand-crafted some musoems for you.

WebGL2 Voxels

I made a minecraft-y voxel world in WebGL2 a while back… just realised it’s not on the blog. Now it is! The code is on GitHub, and my favourite thing about it: pure JavaScript – no dot files, no pacakge.json, no build files, no… nothin’. Just double click index.html (and/or view-source) – like the old […]

De-bloating my piece of the web

While tackling a TODO task on a client’s mobile web app, I noticed it was loading nearly 15Mb of non-app scripts. This included several third-party marketing/user assistance/analytics scripts, CDN hosted libraries, some ad scripts, and their embedded videos where also loading their own cornucopia of scripts, cookies, and trackers. FIFTEEN MEGABYTES! I sighed as I […]

Where the ECMA 262 1st Edition did they come from?

Following on from my recent blog post “Where the HTML4.0 did they come from” (October 2005)… I just found two native JavaScript constants that I have hardcoded *at least* 100 times over the years: I guess I should be forgiven for not knowing about them yet, they’ve only been there since 1997.

Farm to Table: A postmortem

You have 48 hours of adventuring time in a country you’ve *never* been to, and *may never* return. By random chance, There is a 48 hour game jam happening simultaneously. A sacrifice must be made: the game or the experience? Choose wisely. … Trick question! You can do both, poorly! Welcome to my Ludum Dare […]

Oops, forgot about you

I may have forgotten to maintain and update the ol’ Sorry about that – I’ll get right on it!