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The proverbial “proverbial notes to self”

Vertical Selecting

Here’s a helpful little mouse-wielding tip for all you Windows users out there (Oops, “mouse” and “Windows” – there goes my geek cred.)… Did you know that you can vertically select text in some programs? Well you can, with the power of ALT + mouse! Selecting text with a mouse is a very important computer-user […]

Javascript Hexadecimal Helpers

Hexadecimal sure comes in handy sometimes. Like, say, um, if you wanted to know why there was some of the alphabet on your scientific calculator for example. Here are a couple of javascript objects to help you out with some hexadecimal byte conversion.

Binary on your digits

Binary, like business ethics, has few practical applications. Here’s one: count up to 31 on one hand. Practical, and impressive at parties.