Mr Speaker

JavaScript Adventures

A collection of cursious curios and other JavaScript bibelots.

Oh. It's been many years since I've updated this page - but I've had so many JavaScript adventures in the time passed. I *promise* I'll add them here in 2021.

* A minecraft-ish voxel/boxel engine in WebGL2. From scratch, with full collision detection and terrain generation. No creepers though.

* Explostyx: Exploding French Fries screen saver (Three.JS). 

* Geometry-building Fraggles (Three.js). Little 3D cellular-automata build... buildings.

* Pre-cursor to a from-scratch voxel engine. A bunch of glowing cubes, in Three.JS

* Carl Sagan floating in WebGL2 space, for some reason.

Oldies, but goodies

old-school racerHere's an implementation of the old-school racer technique using hundreds of single-pixel high divs.

parcycleSome lavalamp-esque Sine Scrollbars. Make sure you resize the window, too.

parcycleA cool Particle system using HTML5 canvas and some pretty colours.

noisy listmatesNoisy Listmates is a small Raphaƫl experiment that grabs Twitter lists and "visualises" them.

the game of lifeJavaScript Platform Game (or try the iPhone "friendly" version)

the game of lifeThe Game of Life. An 60x60 implementation of Conway's Game of Life.

corporate best friends foreverThe "Corporate Best Friends Forever" Handshake Game. Simply match the (250) identical pairs of handshakes.

3d starfield3d starfield in canvas the first in a series of me trying to figure out 3d one and for all.

3d cube3d cube in canvas the second in a series of me trying to figure out 3d one and for all.

TurntubelistTurntubelist. Mix YouTube videos like a superstar DJ. In conjunction with Henry Tapia

blobBlobby physics thing. An experiment with point-masses, on canvas.

smoke effectSmoke effect in canvas. Old school demo effect, done badly.

Springy linesSpringy spriograph thing in canvas. Make pretty patterns.

Deamons of SpaceDeamons of Space. A side-scrolling shooter.

Animated alpha gif maskAlpha masks. Something to do with animated alpha pngs. I forget.