Yearly Archives: 2014

Your first Ludum Dare

So, you’ve decided to take part in your very first ever Ludum Dare… congratulations! I’m assuming you don’t know what you’ve got yourself in for, so just remember: your primary objective is to finish something that (even vaguely) resembles a game. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be. Here are a […]

Hyperactivate: mo’ 2005 sounds

Another bit of earwax unearthed from the 2005 archives! This one is pretty good, not withstanding all the Thomas Dolby/Beastie Boys copyright infringement.

Selling Swift: what a fool believes

Ok, Apple comes out with a brand new programming language. Creating a new programming language is the absolute surest way to invite a hurricane of internet pain from coders worried they’ve bet on the wrong horse. Generally they’ll try to shout at the horse until it dies – mostly with nasty tweets. Yet somehow Apple […]

Metal Meter Madness

Ludum Dare 29 delivered us the theme “Beneath the Surface”, and I, in turn, delivered my first Ludum Dare novelty offering: Metal Meter Madness. It was my attempt at an 80s 8bit english-humour style farce in the style of Jet-Set Willy or Hover Bovver. However, due to hang-over-ness and appartment hunting, the wackiness meter never […]

Write the theme tune, sing the theme tune

A couple of recent tracks for ma games: Oscillator & Mister Moonboots. Excuse the abrupt halt to Mister Moonboots… he’s supposed to loop oop oop.

The simple genius of Flappy Bird

One week ago I would have sworn that Flappy Bird was a case of beautiful dumb luck: some guy threw a bunch of out-of-the-box elements on a screen, and accidentally created a world-wide phenomenon. But after subjecting it to scrupulous analysis during the process of “accurately” cloning it, I discovered so many fundamentally important details […]

Mister Moonboots: on the App Store!

Bust out the champagne (or the chartreuse, if you’re feeling game): Mister Moonboots has been released on the App Store! Rush and play it 3 times now, then go and rate it 5 stars (if you loved it) or 4 stars (if you’re a heartless miser who wishes to suck all traces of joy from […]

Flappy Bird Typing Tutor

Well, that escalated quickly. PLAY NOW!, come back for detail later.

Conquering Flappy Bird

The creator of the current smash-hit game “Flappy Bird” is either a certified genius or an authentic wacko. In either case, this game ignores every rule of good design: plopping you into your own personal crazily-addictive fire-y hell of casual gaming. All you can do is suppress your rage, grit your teeth, and try yet […]