Yearly Archives: 2012

Weird EventSource problems? Watch your content-length!

Super short version: If you’re using Server Sent Events, and it doesn’t work in Firefox because “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at…” and it’s not a CORS problem… make sure you’re not setting a content-length header. The end.

You can skip this ad in 0:02

Yeah, I can skip it MUCH faster than that.

Colourising sprites in Canvas – part 2

And we’re back! In part one we looked at setting up a tinted palette for drawing our 8-bit masterpieces to canvas. Here’s what we’re going for today: rendering colourised sprites and tiles. We’ll be loading in the 4-color sprite sheet and rendering tiles from it with our chosen colours.

Translating marketing garbage

French is a beautiful language, so of course it makes sense that some right-wing crazies would fight like heck to keep English from ruining it. That’s exactly the intent behind Toubon Law – which mandates that any commercial publications written (or containing text) in another language also come with a visible French translation. This usually […]

Navigate the web with your gamepad

How crap is the mouse, right? Yeah, I know! So I made a greasemonkey script to do my websurfin’ using my NES-style USB gamepad. For those of you too excited to read on, take your gamepad-enabled build of Firefox and install Gamepad Navigator now! Up and down to scroll the page up and down. The […]