Caine’s Arcade Fun Pass Generator

Caine's Arcade is the coolest arcade ever (even better than Flynn's Arcade and Bailey's Arcade. The "pros" of Caine's Arcade are that all the games are hand-built by a 9 year old, out of cardboard. But the "cons" are the prices: $1 gets you 4 plays, and $2 gets you a "Fun Pass" (tm) valid for 500 plays.

2 bucks! Phew... You might be thinking you could get around that by making a fake pass of your own - but Caine is way ahead of you. He's added a security check to each Fun Pass, to validate that it's the real deal:

Fun pass secure hash

However, a after careful reverse-engineering effort, I've cracked the security code and made this "Caine's Arcade Fun Pass Generator":

Fun Pass
500 Plays


security recon.Just put in a pass ID, print it out, and you're good to go! I have verified the accuracy of the passes by carefully studying frame-by-frame evidence from the video above - so I'm confident the passes will get around the security checks: But if you get busted using a fake pass, don't come crying to me.