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Maze generation has never been easier: Math.random() < 0.5 ? "/" : "\\"; and you've got yourself a maze! Like all awesome ideas this one comes directly from the Commodore 64.

A better phonetic alphabet

I found this in a txt document that myself & the missus wrote, possibly when drunk, in 2002. Seems important. Aquaman Barometer Chicken Dress-ups Eatery Fedora Goal Posts Heliotrope Irksome Jalepeno Kraftwerk Limp Moisten Nice Oblong Pancake Quincy Restrooms Satay Tanktop Uppity Voltimeter Wafting Xtreme Yurt ZZ Top

What you’re missing out on on App.Net

Maybe you’ve heard that there’s a new kid on the short-message scene: App.Net. It’s just like Twitter, except you have to pay $50 a year to use it. Sure, that’ll keep the poor people away – but what else do you get for the fee? How’s this for an incentive: no longer are you limited […]

CoffeeScript: tell me how you feel about it

[update: wow, amazing response so far! I’ll start collating the data and get you all some findings soon.] Hey chaps, I’m canvasing general opinions and understanding about CoffeeScript as research for an up-n-coming book. There seems to be some pretty strong thoughts on the matter amongst the people I’ve talked to in person, and I’m […]

Nicer random colours, with HSL

As many of you may know from my complaining, I’ve currently embarked on a new writing mission: a CoffeeScript book for SitePoint. The example project that runs throughout is an HTML5 game using Canvas. While I was trying to create a random colour palette – for instructional purposes – I fell over this “trick” of […]

#rimshot: zingers from tweetland

I just finished typing all this code, and boy are my arms tired! Wait, that doesn’t really work. Anyway, I did a search on twitter for the hash tag #rimshot yesterday and the results were not very funny. The problem was that seeing the term #rimshot is not the same as hearing “budum ching”. Hence, […]

Caine’s Arcade Fun Pass Generator

Caine’s Arcade is the coolest arcade ever (even better than Flynn’s Arcade and Bailey’s Arcade. The “pros” of Caine’s Arcade are that all the games are hand-built by a 9 year old, out of cardboard. But the “cons” are the prices: $1 gets you 4 plays, and $2 gets you a “Fun Pass” ™ valid […]

Syntax highlighting for writers

Ok, This was a “here’s an old project I’ve abandoned” type post, but after some interest in the matter I’m re-opening this for questions… Syntax highlighting for writers: what do you think? Yay, or nay? When you have a brilliant idea for a start-up, you mock up a prototype and show your intended audience. They’ll […]

Typesafe Console: behind the scenes

Scala, Play 2.0, CoffeeScript, real-time streams, server-sent events, (lots of) HTML5 canvas, local storage, push state, easter egg, … If you’ve worked in IT for long enough, you make sure you get yourself in a position where you no longer have to work on dull projects. It’s hard (dull projects are often very lucrative – […]