_this = this

var _this = this. It always does. I write it oh-so-often to keep my JavaScript scope hanging around - and the idiom no longer makes me cringe. It's like an old friend. The only problem with my old friend is that Textmate doesn't have the same feelings towards him as I do. He certainly won't elevate him to the status of "keyword" - so he remains white, uncolour-coded, invisible. So in the same vein as my Syntactic artificial sweetener semi-colon reduction strategy, I've decided to fix it. Here's how you make _this equal this.

First, open up Textmate and go to Bundle Editor then Edit Languages:

Next find JavaScript and find the key/value pair for variable.language.js. Here you'll see that super and this are lumped together. All we need to do is add our friend (and an additional pipe symbol) to the list:

That's all that's required to make _this a first-class, syntax-highlighted, citizen. Now your callbacks are nice and legible.

And there we go! You can also add in self if you're not a _this fan.

I am.

And in case you weren't convinced by my compelling arguments - Dave Sims leaves you with this piece of food-for-thought from The Deer Hunter...