Tumblr proves emacs superior

Well, the case is closed: Emacs is better than vi. Today Tumblr decided to release their database username and password along with other oauth-y credentials to the world. How did they manage such an impressive feat? Examining the code that was exposed shows:

i?php require_once('chorus/Utils.php'); 

i?php? Yes, that's supposed to be <?php. Here's how the scenario went:

  1. Manger: "You can't go home for the weekend until that patch is pushed all the way to production."
  2. Coder: "But... but... It's 6PM on a friday and I've already had 2 beers! It'll take hours to go through Q&A and staging!"
  3. Manager: "Ok cool... see you on Monday!"
  4. Coder: "Hmmm, bugger this... I'll just pop this fix straight up on live!"
  5. Coder runs command vi index.php and presses i to paste in the patch... accidentally hitting i once for each beer consumed, followed by :wq.
  6. Coder goes to the pub

Pffft... Insert mode. Yet another reason to switch to Emacs.