Amazing tech news just announced

In an unbelievable twist in the long-standing feud between two rival tech companies, one of the companies today announced or admitted some kind of news that will dramatically alter their current standing in the tech community and greatly impact their relationship with rival company.

The news was announced shortly after markets opened this morning and lead to a buying or selling frenzy, sending the company's share price soaring or plummeting. CEO of the company reluctantly or tentatively gave a brief, vague, yet slightly plausible statement at a press conference at corporate headquarters this morning. "It's a devastating blow to, or fantastic opportunity for us" CEO remarked, "but there are still a lot of details to be decided."

Some old piece of news that vaguely relates to this news could be rationalised and connected to this new news in such a way as to make the new news not seem so ludicrous, and also highlights the importance of the new news to the company's rival company. Rival company CEO was unavailable for comment, but released a statement expressing concerns or insincere condolences - adding that he or she would not speculate on the news' impact to their core business. Rival company's stock rose or fell some amount.