Niche Marketing: The Bacon and Egg Roll Project

egg and bacon roll- monday to friday, 10 - 11am - with purchase of schooner of beer

Ok people of the internet - The last challenge I threw down to you was conquered with relative ease, so here's a tougher one to ponder - from a local drinking establishment in Sydney's inner-west:

Enticement: Free bacon and egg roll!

Condition 1: With purchase of schooner of beer.

Condition 2: Monday to Friday only.

Condition 3: Between 10am and 11am.

Right. So the offer is: "We'll give you a free bacon & egg roll if you buy a beer in the sixty minutes following 10 in the morning, on a week day."

Most of this seems fair enough, at face value. Everyone loves bacon & egg rolls and beer (well, us vege's substitute the bacon with additional beer). Everyone likes bacon & egg rolls in the morning. Some people like beer in the morning. Between 10am and 11am. On a weekday.

Therefore: some people who wanted a beer and bacon and egg roll on a weekday between 10.00am to 11.00am might be enticed away from their regular pub or bacon & egg roll shop, creating a competitive advantage.

Who is this marketing ploy targetting?!
And why for just a single hour?!

If the offer extended from 8am to 11am it would make perfect sense. From 10am to 1pm - also perfect sense. Heck, just about any other hour of the day would make sense.

As it stands, it does not make sense. I'd like to hear what you have to say on the matter. Once we collect some wisdom of the masses I'll head to the pub on a weekday between 10 and 11am to order a beer and see who was closest.