Yearly Archives: 2009

.index() becomes cool in jQuery 1.4

With jQuery 1.4 just around the corner, it’s time to start looking at what’s new. One nice change is the updated functionality of the index method. Previously, well, it was a pain in the bum to get the index of an element in a selection – and required a pretty convoluted syntax. Now it’s super […]

Parcycle: A Particle System with HTML5 canvas

All this PPK “iPhone developers are stupid” awesomeness got me thinking. Now, if there’s one guy I’ve got respect for, it’s PPK. And if he tells me to ditch objective-c for JavaScript, then I’m damn well going to do it. Accordingly, I decide to create “Parcycle”: a Particle Emitter system that I re-wrote from a […]

JavaScript iPhone Games: Part II

Interesting JavaScript times abound! Recently the Pie Guy JavaScript iPhone game has provided a sneak-peek at what we can do with the awesome one-two punch of ECMAScript and the iPhone. Accordingly, I went back and applied some pie-guy tricks to my platformer…

PPK vs Degrassi Junior High

Shocking discovery uncovered by Henry.

Nifty jQuery trick: setting attributes

I’ve been knee deep in the jQuery source code recently. It’s all gooey, but you do get to see some snazzy things. Today’s nifty jQuery trick is about programmatically setting attribute values via a function. To follow along at home you’ll need some scissors, a length of string, and some double sided tape…

The road to jQuery 1.4: at a glance

Ok, here’s something you’ll want to refer to daily… the current status of the jQuery 1.4 “TODO list”, or as I like to call it, “Report 37”. Usually when people on the jQuery dev lists ask “When will jQuery 1.4 be ready?” they are met with a resigned (resigned not resiged) answer: “When it’s ready”. […]

Adding “1UP notification” with jQuery

Now, as many of you know, I’m a big fan of taking interactions from retro gaming and attempting to squish them onto the page as standard UI elements. If I had my way, all sites would look like BMX Simulator from the C64. With that in mind… today something great happened. A win for old-school-gaming-as-ui-elements […]

Selecting JavaScript objects with jQuery

After a bit of prodding around I’ve not only found out that selecting JavaScript objects and arrays with jQuery is fully supported, but there are also some potential use cases! It all started a couple of weeks ago when I thought it would be cool to bind custom events to actual JavaScript objects.

Critical jQuery Info: How to pronounce “live”

After weeks of debate an answer has emerged. Live rhymes with “jive”? Or live rhymes with “give”?… that was the discussion point that was starting to turn ugly… In the live/jive corner: the “live” event is always on – like a live broadcast. In the live/give corner: the corresponding remove event is called “die”, so […]