Yearly Archives: 2008

Best tech release of 2008

What a malfunctioning hot-air-balloon ride 2008 has been, hey? From those crazy early days – when it was well known that everyone who knew what “start-up” meant would be rich by October, to the entertaining later months: “Will pitch stupid internet ideas for food”. Who knows – perhaps this downturn will finally weed out those […]

O! Computadors!

Easter has come early ’round these parts – a brand new chocolate egg of audio treats for you – from me. Well actually, us this time: Mr Speaker has joined forces with the magical man of musical mgoodness – Tom Birchnell – to form Computadors. Our first mission, which we chose to accept, was to […]

Wave rooting in Newcastle

This will be a post of three parts. You should probably go straight to Part Three – as this has the juicy details, and a fairly brilliant song I composed. Part one and two are mostly content-free, self-oriented pieces that are sure to be of interest to few (though, with the high demand for fairly […]

Wave rooting, Part II: Morning of terror

It seems like less of a good idea now. It’s 8.30am in a tent on a football oval, 6km from Dorkbot Central. I sport a chipper hangover, compounded by a brawny and ominous (though, thankfully fairly rain-free) thunderstorm. Emerging from the tent, I spy my mode-of-transport with a small slice of contempt. I quite like […]

Wave rooting, Part III: WävRüta

After such an epic journey, it was going to have to be a pretty impressive 8bit, lo-fi, noisy, multi-mode digital audio FX unit and signal generator we’d be building. And with such a description, how could it not be? Impressive, that is. It couldn’t not be, that’s the answer to that rhetorical question – and […]

Web 3.1, for workgroups

(Community-based collaboration from Happy Chef, and the Javascript Kids on the Block. Don’t know if it’ll win the t-shirt remix comp though…)

Mask On, Mask Off

Ah, yes… I just knew there had to be a use for those dang animated-alpha PNGs… Obviously this is how all web pages will be viewed in the future. I’m sure you all immediately figured out how this craziness worked, but juuust in case, I’ll delve: First an animated alpha PNG image is loaded on […]

Animated PNGs for everyone!

Good news! After 20 years of us crying out for someone to listen… Firefox 3 will finally support animated alpha PNGs! “Why would we want animated alpha PNGs?” I hear you ask. “I really don’t know.” I answer.

Mr Speaker’s Law of Averageness

Over time, the internet becomes increasingly average: incorrect information cancels out factual information, wisdom cancels out opinion and user-generated-content cancels out content. For a given web search you have a (correct things/(incorrect things + correct things)) x 100 percent chance of finding something correct. Consider Eventually the internet will represent the most average person in […]