Yearly Archives: 2007

We Are For The Big

3 years without even a mention of Star Wars on this nerdy blog. That is pretty impressive.

Google Gears: The Mega Cookie

OOooh, I’m all giddy! Moments ago I discovered today’s release from Google: Google Gears. It’s like they reverse-engineered some advanced cookie technology from a crashed web-based UFO. Or something similar. I’m typing this post as I explore, so we’ll see how my opinions of it change from now to the end of the post – […]

Helpful Error Messages

Bug fixing web services at 8.30am on a Monday morning is not really that much fun. The first 2 coffees haven’t even started kicking in yet. And a crashing IDE doesn’t usually help the situation along either. Usually doesn’t – but the error message returned to me today has added a slight spring to my […]

In defence of Twitter

Nah, I’ve got nothing.

Consumer Good God

Let’s get this straight – I ain’t nobody’s shill. I don’t shill. But I am a half-decent consumer and I can appreciate a good product. As rare as they might be. So I’m lending some valuable Mr Speaker cyber* space to The PlusDeck 2c Cassette Player – which transcends the status of mere “good product” […]

Track: Happy (Hardcore)

Yes, yes, yes… It’s been a LONG time since the last post in the Earwax category. It’s not that I haven’t been doing any tracks – It’s that I haven’t been finishing them. I’ve explained about my attention span before, I’m sure. Anyway, here I present to you a glitchy, bell-y piece I’m pretty happy […]

Marinated Not-Chicken Wings

Oh yes, at last a return to the Not-Product series. Episode #4 covers the much misunderstood “Gluten Chicken Product” – in an exciting new form: The Marinated Not-Chicken Wing.

Web automation with Chickenfoot

I was getting scared there for a minute. It had been at least a few weeks since I last found something on the interweb that rocked my web-based world. Things were getting desperate, and for a moment I feared I might be forced to go back and work on one of my half-finished projects or […]

Introduction To Web Sequins

A broad introduction to the world of the Web Sequin. Web Sequins are design elements and page widgets that are shiny and tacky which utilise an existing technology in a creative, novel and terrifying new way. They ARE the Web.