Consumer Good God

My PuterLet's get this straight - I ain't nobody's shill. I don't shill. But I am a half-decent consumer and I can appreciate a good product. As rare as they might be.

So I'm lending some valuable Mr Speaker cyber* space to The PlusDeck 2c Cassette Player - which transcends the status of mere "good product" and reaches towards the realms of the consumer-good God.

It takes a couple of minutes to comprehend the genius that is the PlusDeck 2c: A 5.25" front-loading drive that plays cassettes. Cassettes!


Anyway, I can't stay here yapping about it all day. I'm only up to 1985 Bustin' Thru. After that I've got 1986 Way To Go, then some He-Man, JEM and the Holograms, and Amway motivational tapes. What an afternoon.

After I figure out a killer set I reckon I'll be ready for the 2007 Cassette Jockey World Championships. I just need another PlusDeck, and a microphone.